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Dear Colleagues,


Let us introduce our Group of Companies, called COSNA Group, Russia.

The group of experts with long practical experience in the field foreign trade activity is ready to accompany You on the way of expanding the range of suppliers and sales opportunities through access to the market of Russia and CIS countries.

The project experts participated in the implementation of a plenty of investment and import/export projects in Russia, CIS countries, China, Japan, Vietnam, Italy, Check Republic, in African and Latin America Regions and worldwide in such industries as machine building, light and food industry, Finance, and so on.


At the moment we can offer the following service:

-       International Logistics support in Russia and CIS countries where we have a wide net of representatives.

-       Customs Clearance operations in Russia and CIS.

-       Export offers of goods and services from Russia and CIS: porducers market analisys, producers audit, domestic logistics etc.

-       Certification in Russia, CIS countries and certification of russian products in EU, Asia, America etc.

-       Market analysis (including Russia, CIS countries for sales expansion, searching for the suppliers from Russia, CIS countries etc.).

-       Business planning of your international project in Russia or CIS countries involvement.

-       Contract procedure accomplishment for export/import from/to Russia and CIS countries.

-       Other services to rise your efficiency of you international project in Russia and CIS countries.


Please send us your requests to our e-mail adress: info@cosna.ru